‘Selected Artists’ Works’ (SAW) is a Glasgow-based, independent platform established in 2016 to facilitate sales for emerging and unrepresented artists. The aim is to not only support the artists involved but also promote an engaging culture of buying and collecting that will help the wider artists’ community moving forward.


For this site we have collaborated with a selected group of 10 artists, building a considered, curated body of work that demonstrates the wide variety of styles, skills and processes that exist across the contemporary Scottish art scene. The artists included have been selected based on the high quality of their work and commitment to making.


One of our key objectives is to financially support the artists involved ensuring that a minimum of 70% of each sale goes directly to them. In addition, we also support the buyer through a one-to-one tailored service, offering advice and information on our Artists, the works available, framing options, delivery and curatorial matters.


“All too often I have seen potential first time buyers daunted by the contemporary art market, intimidated by white wall galleries and too shy to approach artists directly. The end result is they almost certainly leave empty handed and the work goes back into storage”

Sam De Santis

Founder of ‘Selected Artists’ Works’


In response to this, Selected Artists’ Works wants to take people on a journey through the acquisition process. We are firm believers that buying artwork should be enjoyable and strive to achieve this through our platform.


Being an artist has never been easy. Balancing the passion to make work and the need to generate an income forces many early and middle career artists to put their practice on the back burner and hold steady jobs, often in roles far removed from what they want to do. SAW offers additional support for a dedicated group of artists, tipping the balance back in their favour, allowing them to develop their practice further and function as self-sustainable artists.


To date SAW has worked alongside Patricia Fleming Projects, SWG3 and Scotland Re:Designed with multiple exhibitions, events and collaborations planned for 2018. Over the course of the coming year we will also be developing our collection with new artists and new artworks. Be sure to join our mailing list to get the latest news and information.


We hope that you enjoy our diverse collection and we look forward to working with you.