Building per Hour: Tessa Lynch at SWG3

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Building per Hour is a bar and sculptural form commissioned through Selected Artists’ Works for the SWG3 Acid Bar, by artist Tessa Lynch. The piece is adapted from a 2017 work, of the same name, made from plaster and household paint which was presented at her solo exhibition L-Shaped Room at Spike Island. The striped build up of colour relates to new concrete pouring technologies, whereby satellite controlled casts move rapidly up a framework allowing the fast pouring and curing of a buildings’ concrete core, at a rate of around 30cm per hour. The intense pinkness comes from Lynch’s observation of a building in Glasgow being constantly painted in this strange bodily hue, but never quite being finished.  For Lynch this remembered scenario seemed like a potent motif for the city – its incompleteness, the fragmentary  nature of urban experience and the individualistic pink carrying a strange agency amidst the greys of the surrounding architecture.

‘Building Per Hour’  represents the first collaborative commission secured through our platform. It was a pleasure to work with Tessa, SWG3 and the fabrication team to bring this work together.